Endangered: Critical Thinking

Critical thinking has been weakened, is under attack, and is a dying thing. Story time. In a chat with one of my professors during my last semester at uni, they asked me what I thought the purpose of college was. “It’s supposed to develop critical thinking and the technical skills to back that up,” I […]

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NOT testicular torsion.

I used to carry my Glocks with just a trigger guard tied to one of my belt loops. It worked really well for low-pro, quick applications and for general hoodrat shid with my friends. But for legitimate concealed carry for a whole day in dynamic environments — I’m talking about all the environments outside of […]

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Justifying coolness.

Chest rigs are mad-popular right now, which is dope because the people who actually need/use them have options and a market full of competition to give them better products. But for the regular guy, justifying owning one is a little more difficult. A chest rig, so you know, is a little (usually a little bigger […]

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