Suh dude? I’m a regular guy.

I’ve loved guns and weapons and the philosophy of the path of the warrior since I was just a lad. I joined the Army straight out of high school and went over to Afghanistan for OEF 2012-2013 as a scout to put the hurt on the Taliban — it was a hoot. I ride bike (fixed gear, of course), read, run, hunt, play video games (PC, Switch), eat, and I love to write and make fun A/V projects. I currently live in Miami, Florida.

This blog is a lovechild of my sense of self, my fashion, and my desire to carry weapons everywhere I go. It’s about guns, gear, everyday carry, philosophy, and the logic behind some of those things.

I am not an old white dude, I’m not a 3-per, melon labia retard, and I’m not an NRA shill created in a lab to sell more guns to Latin Americans (I’m one hundred percent Puerto Rican).

Now, to explain the name:

1) I wear skinny jeans (or other slim fit pants/short-shorts) most of the time and so that’s what I’ve got to work from for concealed carry. I am skinny, so why would I wear straight-leg or regular fit pants made for un-exciting body types? I’d just have a bunch of extra material hanging all around and look like an un-aerodynamic dummy.

2) Drill Sergeant Simmons called me “skinny jeans” from day zero of basic training.

3) It genuinely grinds people’s gears that a dude is wearing tight pants. And that makes me happy. Like, I’ve seen other grown men lose their cool and get worked up just because I have skinny jeans on at the gun store, at a class, range day, or competition. Like, why does it bug you so much what another person is wearing?

4) This more political, but it’s food for thought: a big part of the gun community is so-called republicans and so-called libertarians. They are a proud people and claim to be mad-tough and resilient, but are precisely the people who get so PISSY and worked up about dudes in skinny pants and about people who want to have sex with people of their same gender (I’m not gay, btw, but I like to keep people guessing). Now, a true libertarian, a label I align with (read: I am a libertarian), is a person who doesn’t care about what other people are doing unless it directly affects or interferes with them. So, I ask then, why does it bother you snowflakes (that’s you sensitive republicans and libertarians) so much what a person wears or who they bang?

5) The last part is the tactical part. To be tactical is to be “adroit in planning and maneuver”, to use the dictionary definition. It means to use proper planning and practice (along with logic) to be prepared in any situation to make the best outcome of any circumstance. It’s about getting the job done smoothly and making the most of what you have. Blending in or being invisible is a big part of battle strategy for retaining freedom of maneuver and the element of surprise. I’m tall and thin as a mofo and have had to adapt my concealed carry to a very unorthodox (in the shooting community) style of dress. I carry weapons everywhere everyday, and I guarantee 9.9/10 people don’t even notice. The philosophy behind SJT is RETAINING TACTICAL ADVANTAGE while carrying concealed weapons THROUGH BLENDING IN OR BEING WRITTEN OFF AS SOMEONE not DANGEROUS.

So that’s what SJT is: my way of talking about tactical things based in logic combined with my concealed carry experience, personal style, and strong sense of self.

I write this because it’s fun and my friends claim to enjoy it, but also because there’s a sickness in the tactical community. It’s called ‘tacticool’ and it’s a cancer that has moved the focus of the community from logical, results-based actions, to some weird superficial crap that’s about looking the part instead of being able to get the job done.

Anyway, enjoy the blog (here’s the homepage — new posts a couple times a month and way more frequently on social media), be logical, and join me in pissing off the tacticool-nerd-establishment that is poisoning our community.


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