House of pain.

So I went to a shoot-house for the first time in a long time. I’ll try to explain what it’s like.

Oh wait, I made a video so you can see:

The training value in a shoot-house doesn’t come from force-on-force fighting, reactive exercises, force-on-target shooting, or even the use of real guns (with simunition).

Though those things are tremendously valuable, the true value of a shoot-house comes from the removal of the boundaries of a traditional shooting range.

There’s no lanes, no rapid-fire restrictions, and no being babied. You can run, crouch, dive, roll, fight just like you would in real life, on the battle field, or in a defensive situation.

Plus, the rounds hurt like Hades, so you’ll learn quickly.

Who: Me, @mochi_actual, @viceindustries.

What: Simunition live-fire training and force-on-force exercises.

When: May 2018.

Where: DA1 black site, downtown Miami.

Why: Training.

Practical Application: We carry guns and knives everyday; doing scenario-based training shows us how we’d react in real life AND helps hone those skills that save lives.

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