T.H.O.T. Process.

We love carrying guns and knives like cool-guys and that’s cool. It’s manly and very fulfilling. There’s something natural and very human about carrying weapons around and scowling at weirdos.

I’ve been thinking a lot lately — I don’t know why — but the ancient warriors did it, so it obviously has some merit. As with anything in life, I have to be critical with myself about why I carry.

The Law of Undulation, which says humans go from highs and lows and back again constantly, means that some days are harder than others, and some days we feel different than our normal.

I am pretty open and honest, so I’ll be the first to admit that some days I take concealed carry less seriously: sometimes I leave my gun in the car, sometimes I don’t bring spare mags or speed loaders, sometimes I just forget to bring a gun and then feel a little nakey, sometimes I bring a gun and no knife, and so on.

Recognizing this as a problem, I’ve been doing a little psych-up when I get ready to leave the house. I call it the T.H.O.T. Process. It stands for Think Hard On Things, but I think it can be whatever you want. The word thot sounds like “thought” and that’s what we’re after: thinking.

What sounds best? “These Hoes Own Titties”, “Tomorrow Hinges On Today”, “Take it Home Or nah Tommy”, “Take Hweapon Or Tdon’t”, “To Helena Or Toronto”, “Think Hamburgers Or Toast”, “To Hell Or Tacos”.

It doesn’t really matter, THE POINT IS, we’re thinking.

It starts with a question, “Do I have the internal power today to take on the responsibility of defending myself and possibly others?” Most days it’s not a choice, you’ve just gotta, but some days will be a struggle. No one else is going to defend you and you never know when someone is going to step into your lane or try to interfere with your freedom.

NOTE: If you don’t think there’s a measure of responsibility involved in carrying concealed, please sell your guns and move to Stupid Island.

Someone with better words than me said “Peace is an edge that is maintained through constant vigilance,” and “If you stay ready, you don’t have to get ready.”

Whatever it means to you — “To Hell,” do I want to die? “Or Tacos,” or do I want to enjoy and defend everything that’s good and beautiful? — go through the process, get motivated, and carry every day. It could save your life or someone else’s. Concealed carry is like a seatbelt or a fire extinguisher — but louder.

Anyway, this stupid process is just me motivating myself to carry everyday and keep the edge, because we shouldn’t take days off from stuff this serious. A few mental push-ups can go a long way.

The T.H.O.T. process for motivation ends there, but the critical analysis shouldn’t stop ever. When you get ready to leave, what are you wearing, where are your weapons, are they accessible? Is your gun printing? Got an extra mag? What are the legalities concerning weapons where you are? When you leave the house, are you scanning? Who’s around? What are they doing? When you get in the car, is your gun accessible? When you get to the restaurant, where are you sitting? Where are the exits? Can you access your gun/knife from a seated position? Can you deploy it quickly? What’s behind you? When you’re at the grocery store, do you have items in your gun hand? Why? It goes on forever.

Like Ed Calderon from Ed’s Manifesto said, we should maintain an inner dialogue and check in with ourselves constantly.

Those are some keys for success. Whatever you call your process for motivation, I hope it fits the T.H.O.T. letters and gets you psyched up and alert for another day carrying concealed.


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