PPE for your mind.

The ability to see is cool. So is being able to hear. Guns in 2017 are pretty modern, but they still squirt out gas, carbon, and tiny brass and lead giblets at hundreds of feet per second.

You can read – if you can read – tons of testimonials on the web from the war zone and from regular dudes about why you should protect your eyes.

All you need to do to see (uh…hear) why you should wear ear protection is to shoot a gun off without it. You will quickly learn.

Those are ways to protect yourself physically, but, if the dooky ever hits the fan nearest you, you might find yourself in a poopy pinch, without those handy items, relying on the only thing you always have: your mind.

Mindset is always there and will always be a huge factor in coming out of any struggle successfully. So you better get yours right. You’ll have to practice your mindset like you do any other skill.

I can ramble on about the mindset of a successful person, the mindset of a warrior, and give you rad inspirational quotes that would make the most basic inspiration-quotes-Insta-hoe’s panties wet. But I’m not going to do that.

Robert Keller is a 20-year Army Special Operations veteran and owner/lead instructor at Gamut Resolutions LLC, where he teaches gunbois how to use their pistols, carbines, and minds the right way.

He teaches that we should make the most out of any range time. If you’re going to pop a few rounds at some paper targets, you should step it up and envision the targets as real threats, not paper. He says it takes time, but eventually your mindset will change and it’ll carry over to the real world. When the bullets fly, it’ll help. You’ll be more prepared to face a threat.

Rob says that anyone can learn to shoot since it’s not the most difficult of physical skills, but the rest is all mindset. You can be the fastest and most accurate shooter, but if you have no guts – if you don’t have the proper mindset – you’re going to lose.

Train the mind properly and you’ll succeed.

The hard goods:

WHAT: ESS Suppressor eye protection. They weigh next to nothing and meet military ballistic protection standards. I use these more than my Oakley Alphas because the sticks are flat so you don’t get that weird pressure on the side of your dome when you wear over-the-ear muffs or a hat.

WHAT ELSE: 3M Peltor Tactical 100 ear electronic ear protection. They take two AAA batteries and reduce incoming sound by 22 db. Even if the batteries die, they still reduce sound to just beneath the painful level. They create a fantastic seal around your ear, but you should always use regular plugs underneath. And because they’re electronically enhanced, they amplify quiet sounds, like conversation.

WHEN: Gunfights, on the range, and when you don’t want to hear loud stuff or get your eyes knocked out by really fast crud.

WHERE: Eye protection goes on your eyes. Ear protection goes over your ears.

HOW: Use the clear lens in your eyepro or you’re a huge dickhead. Use conventional ear plugs under your over-the-ear earpro. These goodies will do the rest of the work.

PRACTICAL APPLICATION: Get some eyepro with a long track record. I’d go with something the military issues, like ESS or Oakley. For electronic earpro, the Peltors are more comfortable than the Howard Leights and Walkers, but they vary on noise reduction rating (NRR) and batteries used. And style. Pick whatever the best fit for you is. Electronic muffs are used so you can hear people talking when you’re on the range or in a shooting class. Kind of handy.


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