Guess who’s back.

Been shooting a lot since I returned from a hog hunt in Texas in March. Shooting is the first step in the improvement cycle: shoot, evaluate, shoot, improve, shoot. My .300 BLK (7.62×35) short-barreled rifle (SBR from now on – and yes, I have a tax stamp for it, you commies) has been through many evolutions (just look at this, this, and this), and will probably see one or two big changes before I call it finished.

My goal from the start was to make a compact, quiet, heavy-hitting gun that I could use for self-defense, home D, hunting, target shooting, range time, and stress shoots. It’s slowly getting there. My next major mods will be a suppressor – putting in my tax stamp for a GemTech or SilencerCo in a couple weeks – and a .300 BLK-specific sight; whether it’s an Eotech or an ACOG.

My friend Jake Swanson helped me pick parts and assemble the rifle in the beginning – baby’s first AR – but here’s the parts list as it sits:

Spike’s Tactical spider lower
CMC 3.5# flat trigger
Odin Works extended magazine release
Magpul B.A.D. lever
Ergo grip
Maxim Defense CQB PDW buttstock with JP silent captured buffer spring
Radical upper with BCM BCG and charging handle (Mod 3)
’KILL YOU’ engraving inside ejection port cover
Seekins MCSR V2 12″ keymod handguard
Noveske KX3 flash hider (The Pig)
Zero Bravo keymod handstop
Magpul BUS flip-up iron sights
Bushnell TRS-25 red dot
-Red Duracoat with black net smoke by Jason at JAWS Arms

WHAT: Spike’s 10.5″ .300 BLK SBR. 26.5″ collapsed, 29.5″ at my preference. Not even 7 lbs. fully loaded.

WHEN: Hunting, range, car, at home.

WHERE: On the front seat, slung under a jacket, or clipped onto my plate carrier.

HOW: Turn the dot up to 11 (it actually goes to 11) or flip up the BUS – or both – and point at what you want to kill.

PRACTICAL APPLICATION: This thing is short and light. I could have gone with a shorter barrel, but 10.5″ is the minimum to get full use out of the gasses a .300 BLK round makes. This gun cycles supers when suppressed and subs while unsuppressed, the pistol-length gas system is perfect. I used to take my AK everywhere, but this is taking over. Plus, it’s accurate, quiet, and has very little recoil (though the flash hider doesn’t help with that). Stand by for a part 3 when I get the suppressor and upgraded sight.

HERE are some more photos of this sexual machine.


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