Fasten your seatbelts.

This post was written by Dirty D. He’s my partner in chaos and a full-time shooter/booty tutor.

Ever since the dawn of time, or at least since people started wearing pants, there have been more or less two standardized methods of holding them up: belts and suspenders. Now both have their merits, especially when you’re out with your fellow pipe hitters tearing up the town, disregarding females and acquiring currency. In an operational environment however, unless you want to have unsecured gear flopping about and getting caught on a random pelican, you’re gonna want to go with a belt.

When it comes to belts and suspenders, think of them as screwdrivers. The belt is the flat-head. It can be found anywhere in the world and works on both flat-head AND Phillips-head screws. Suspenders are the Phillips. Slightly more specialized, and almost just as common, but not as useful. So when it comes to being tactically sound and operationally expedient, take the flat-head with you.

WHAT: Ronin Tactics Senshi Belt. Ranges from small to extra-large and comes in a multicam/black colorway.

WHEN: On the range, in the world, gunfight or garage. Wear it everywhere you may need a lo-pro platform for guns & ammo.

WHERE: Keep your inner belt on your loops; keep the outer belt close at hand. Truck vault, range bag, slung over your shoulder like a bandolier, anywhere that’s comfortable really.

HOW: Take the loop inner belt. Thread it through your belt loops like a regular belt and fasten until tight. When needed, take the outer hook belt and fasten to the inner loop belt. Clip the cobra buckles together. Go forth and pillage.

PRACTICAL APPLICATION: The belt comes in two pieces. The inner loop belt can be worn at anytime and you can remain incognegro. When the Apocalypse comes, or someone eats your leftovers, throw on your hook outerbelt with all of your tech, gear, and goodies on it and commence to kick ass like you’re a proverbial Duke Nukem. On the one pictured above are the following treats to aid you in your gunfighting and terrorist-stopping abilities. 2 HSGI Rifle Tacos, 2 HSGI Pistol Tacos, 1 Tactical Tailor Fight Lite Dump Pouch, Ontario RAT 3 Utility Knife, Ronin Tactics Medical “Pull Away” Kit, and room to run a pistol holster (G-Code OSL RTI on a RTI Mule ISS platform with loop strap).

That gear provides me with the means to hold 60 rounds of rifle ammo, 30 rounds of pistol ammo, a knife for shanking fools and opening MREs, a dump pouch to put empty mags (and other items you might need to carry that won’t fit in your pocket), and a medical kit that affords me the ability to do more than clean up the blood. This all fits on a system that goes around your waist and stays secure, even when dropping it low for America. Only the PT belt is better.


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