From Romania with love.

In every category of products, there are two that stand out: one gets the job done no matter what, and the other gets it done in style. Well, to me, there’s no better style than unstoppable design and durability. AR15 and AK47 are for some reason always set at odds. I don’t see why I can’t love both. The AR is a scalpel, precision-machined with tight tolerances and an emphasis on modularity and accuracy. The AK is stamped out on a heavy metal Cold War-era machine in a dark and noisy factory with sparks flying all around.

A lot of people will pick one or the other, so if I had to pick between my AR and my AK for SHTF purposes, I’d take the AK. I bought this around tax season for $500 on Gun Broker.

WHAT: Century Arms Mini Draco pistol. Less than 18 inches long and weighs around 6 pounds.

WHEN: Trunk gun/SHTF.

WHERE: Backpack, tennis bag, violin case, on a lanyard under a jacket, etc. Wherever you can fit or desire to fit a tiny hammer-thrower.

HOW: Learn how to put the AK magazine in, learn how to do a proper combat reload and a one-handed reload, and then have fun. The safety is almost worthless, so just leave it off. You’re not pointing guns at anything you don’t want to destroy anyway.

PRACTICAL APPLICATION: It’s a tiny gun with 10-100 round magazine/drum capability. Buy steel-core spam can ammo and save a ton of money. There are an abundance of rounds available for 7.62×39, so try some out and find what you like, but the spam can steel-core (AP) is my personal favorite. Don’t use this for home defense because the round will pass through your target and kill the little girl who lives across the hall. You don’t have to clean this gun, but I’d keep it greasy and keep the barrel clean.


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