Bag of fun.

A kit bag is important, though some of you might not realize it. A lot of folk sit around at home with their range queens that have less than a hundred rounds through because they’re just poseurs who talk a big talk, own some tacticool crap, and don’t actually train or shoot. I’m going to tell you why you need a kit bag.

I got the one I use now on Amazon after reading a bunch of reviews and after performing a complex ritual of human sacrifice mixed with ancient chants. The reviews, composite material and dimensions were suitable for my needs, so I purchased it at $22.

WHAT: Explorer Tactical 31” x 16” x 16” coyote tan deployment duffle. 600D polyester with PVC blend. Very water resistant and durable, baby. It has one huge main pocket, one small outer (zipper) pocket, and a 2” x 5” loop field for tacticool nerd patches. Doesn’t even weigh 2 pounds.

WHEN: Range days (leave the body armor at home or in the car – don’t be that guy), when going out to the wildlands (private property) to shoot (in this case, bring the armor for reload drills and to make sure your setup is solid), or when you just want to have a bunch of kitterino on hand.

WHERE: Over your shoulder or left in the back seat of the car.

HOW: If you don’t understand the usage of a bag, do what this guy did.

PRACTICAL APPLICATION: This bag is a simple design, which I love. Bags inherently make things simple. Scattered items can be carried handily together – imagine that.

About a week ago, I went shooting with one of my friends who’d never shot a gun before. I used this bag to carry a 26” .300 BLK SBR in its case with 7 magazines and 160 extra rounds in boxes, Desert Eagle .50AE in its holster with two magazines and a box of ammo, an S&W M60 Pro Series .357 Magnum in its holster plus a box of rounds, a Glock 17 and a Glock 43 – both in holsters in their range purse – with 12 extra magazines, and a Mini Draco with 4 magazines and 300 extra rounds in a baggie. I took all of that, plus all the gear (minus my plate carrier) that usually sits in the range bag with plenty of room to spare. It was heavy, but not unmanageable for a non-sissy.

The things I keep in the range bag are:
-two pairs of gloves
-two hats
-ski mask
-spare eyepro
-PT belt (just in case I need extra armor)
-plate carrier with AR500 plates
-two slings (both 2-/1-point)
-pack of gum
-two loaded magazines for each of my guns (and an assortment of shottie rounds)
-a little packet of survival crud (knife, waterproof matches, compass, shock blankets, Clif Bars, flashlight, and batteries for optics and lights)

This isn’t an ops (on mission) bag or a survival (>72 hours) pack, but it’s good to include elements of both for a big transport bag like this. You’ve got the space.

Get a big bag and carry your crud neatly to ranges, fun days, and adventure.


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