Training the hardware.

The point of all our training is to make actions second-nature, muscle memory. Whether you’re the attacker or defender, usually whoever is faster and more accurate (with any weapon) is going to win. Mindset also plays a big role, but that’s for a different post.

Time must be spent disciplining the body in order to make movements first precise and then fast. This can be in the form of drills or in the form of exercise to strengthen your stupid muscles to be smart and strong.

When you’re not at the range, or in your spare time, you can do all sorts of cool drills at home. If you have young kids or can’t be waving around your real guns with some dummy rounds for some reason, then a lil dummy gun can be a good training tool.

Pictured here is a dummy 1911 that is precisely the same size (a little lighter though) as the real thing. I know I don’t have any qualms about training with real guns and real bullets (or at least dummy rounds), but a lot of people do because “YOU SHOULD NEVER POINT A GUN AT SOMETHING YOU DON’T WANT TO SHOOT.”

If you want to practice disarming someone else, or some unconventional draws and carries or something (the sky is the limit), this is a decent stand-in for a real heater.

WHAT: Cold Steel 1911 Training Pistol. Weighs 12 ounces. It’s just over 8 inches long and 5 inches tall.

WHEN: Spare time, when you can’t use a real gun.

WHERE: Wherever you’d put a real gun. Drill, drill, drill.

HOW: Use this bad boy to do drills. Point it at stuff, hit stuff with it, move it around. Practice disarms.

PRACTICAL APPLICATION: You can use this dummy 1911 to do disarming, hostage, and other close quarters drills that involve more than one person. Do these things over and over with your homies and get faster and better so you can win.


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