Little buddies.

Daggers are classic weapons, bro. If you don’t have one or two lying around in your box o’ knives, I’m going to suspect you of being a sissy. There’s a reason they are so popular. I’ll tell you about it.

I got the smaller one many moons ago at a gun store or something or other.

WHAT: Rothco Raider 2 (6.5 inches overall length with sheath; 3.4 ounces) and Smith & Wesson HRT (9 ⅛ inches overall with sheath; 6.3 ounces) boot knives.

WHEN: When you’re on foot or out and about.

WHERE: Beltline, hoodie pocket, on a boot, or clipped in a backpack pocket.

HOW: Use the clip-thing to clip it on a belt or the top of your pants or in a pocket or anything. Make sure you orient it properly for your dominant hand and be mindful of the button that secures the hilt. The grip of the HRT is rubberized and is AMAZING to hold. The Raider is a little more slippery, but is still good for carrying.

PRACTICAL APPLICATION: Daggers – large or small – are easy to conceal, good for stabbing, and can be good for slashing if you know your way around a whet stone. They are generally lightweight and good for killing. Make sure you get a dagger that is full-tang (the blade is one piece that goes all the way to the bottom of the grip).


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