Heater for the heater.

If you live in any of the places north of Miami, Florida, you’ll be needing a jacket at some point. Fit, water resistance, weight, construction material, pockets, zipper strength, flexibility, breathability, cost, and fun features are all the important things to consider when beginning your search for a jacket. This is one of those decisions that you do not want to rush (like buying one gun over another). If you rush, you’ll end up with fourteen jackets that you only barely like. You can have it all in one.

This is the first jacket, aside from my winter coat, that I’ve ever purchased with money. Took me a while and a lot of searching tactical stores and websites to find the one [jacket to rule them all]. But I did it.

WHAT: Rothco Concealed Carry Soft Shell Jacket. Polyester and fleece; waterproof. 2.5 lbs with cool-guy patches on.

WHEN: When the temp is below 58°F. You can wear it with a sweater underneath to lower its effective temperature.

WHERE: So help me; if you don’t know how to wear a jacket… Wear this anywhere you want to be warmer than cold.

HOW: Put it on, put some guns and bullet-holders inside and walk around. It’ll keep you and the guns warm.

PRACTICAL APPLICATION: Mine is medium and I’m 6 feet tall at 160 pounds. There are lots of pockets for miscellaneous man stuff:

-Four interior magazine pouches (Velcro closures)
-Two concealed carry pockets for guns (Velcro retainer)
-Two 4×4 in. loop fields on the shoulders (spots for nerd patches)
-Two shoulder pockets under the loop fields
-Adjustable wrists (Velcro)
-Left forearm slit pocket (zipper)
-Detachable/stowable hood (zipper)
-Armpit vents (zipper)
-Two large front slash pockets (zipper)
-Front zipper

Be mindful of where you carry guns and be mindful of printing with larger, heavier guns.


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