Red eye.

Iron sights are the and many have proven to be quite accurate with them since humans started shooting guns. One day some genius decided that lining up the rear aperture, front sight post, AND the target was too much work. He created a screen with a dot on it that hung at the same aim point as the iron sights.

I was skeptical to buy a sight that cost less than $200. I’ve had extensive close experience with ACOG, EOTech, and a few other high-end sights. On a friend’s recommendation I purchased this little bad boy and haven’t regretted it yet.

WHAT: Bushnell TRS-25 red dot sight. Weighs 3.6 ounces with a battery inside. Weighs around 6 oz. with a high rise mount attached.

WHEN: When you need a little more than irons.

WHERE: Short-barrel rifle, carbine, submachine gun, shotgun, and all the rest. If you put this on a pistol, I will 720-no-scope your mom.

HOW: Light, accurate, easy to zero, and holds its aim well. Mounted directly to the rail, it’s tighter than a frog’s bootyhole; however, in a riser configuration, the quality of that riser will determine how well/tight it sits — use blue Loctite. Batteries are cheap for this lil guy.

PRACTICAL APPLICATION: It’s a red dot. Use it for close range. It is easier than shooting with iron sights because you don’t have to line anything up. Just put the dot on what you want to put a hole in (then squeeze the trigger). I personally have it set up to co-witness with my iron sights. Lollipop for the win. I like to batter my guns like Kentucky/Tennessee folk like to batter their wives. This little sight puts up with all the dropping bashing and shooting really well. I’ve even gotten it wet and not dried it off. Still works AND it turns up to 11. The 8 setting is quite bright enough for the sunniest of days.


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