Knowledge is power.

A lot of people ask me where my information comes from and how I know some things about some things. All of my information comes from my personal experience, experimenting with stuff, my friends, and from books.

If you haven’t heard of books they are bundles of dead tree pieces that you stare at to invoke hallucinations and understanding.

If you’ve seen any war/action movies from the 1970s, you’ll know that everyone who was alive back then had a mustache and was John Rambo; they could survive any hardship with bravado and simple tactics.

If a book from that era regarding survival could be recovered, then it would surely contain a wealth of knowledge for those looking for activities to do outside/THINGS THAT WILL KEEP ONE ALIVE.

Well, guess what; this is a book from that era. I got this at a gun show many moons ago. The old dude had a buttload of old TMs and FMs for like zero money.

WHAT: Army FM 21-76: Survival (October 1970 edition). 8 x 5 inches and weighs 7 ounces. Contains infinite wealth.

WHEN: Read it once; read it twice.

WHERE: Bookshelf, coffee table, bathroom, back pocket.

HOW: Read the words, practice the precepts, and apply them.

PRACTICAL APPLICATION: This book has everything in it. Everything important anyway. There are some highlights you should check out:

-Chapter 1, Section 3: Health and first aid
-Chapter 2, Section 1: Navigation
-Chapter 3, Section 2: Finding water
-Chapter 4, Section 1: General considerations [about food]
-Chapter 5, Section 1: Firemaking
-Chapter 5, Section 2: Cooking wild food
-Chapter 6: Survival in special areas
-Chapter 7: Hazards to survival

Just read the whole book. And then practice the things within. It could save your life. When you finish this one, check out the SAS Survival Handbook.


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