Fresh air.

The primary point of concealed carry is to preserve the element of surprise. The secondary objective is to not stand out while still carrying a weapon. Therefore, weapons that blend in with normal objects are AWESOME for openly concealed carry, as I guess it could be called.

This is a carbon fiber tube, cut to a razor’s edge on one end, with a rubber sleeve for better grip and a pen cap to make it look like………………………….a pen. You can plug the non-business end with a plug from the back of a real pen, or leave it hollow so you can drink the blood of your enemies.

This has been sitting in my bookmarks folder on my computer forever. I finally decided to buy it because I needed to add at least five dollars to get free shipping. So yeah, I got it on Amazon for $6; that’s way cheaper than the $18 that it shows now (it’s $20 on the manufacturer’s site). This awesome doodad cost no money to make. You can buy carbon fiber tubing for super cheap nowadays and pen caps are a common spawn.

Since I couldn’t take my guns to Chicago (took the train, went to a soccer game, stayed in a sweet hotel, walked around, took the train back home) the last couple days because Illinois doesn’t respect either of my concealed carry permits (WA, WI) AND THERE’S NO NATIONAL PERMIT YET, I had to take a different sort of weapon because we never leave home unstrapped. I had this ‘pen’ in my pocket for the duration of the trip. No one ever looked twice at it.

WHAT: Shomer-Tec carbon fiber ventilator self-defense weapon. It’s the size of a standard pen and looks like one. It weighs 1.5 ounces.

WHEN: Every single day. Put it in your backpack, in your pocket, tape it to your jungle bridge, whatever.

WHERE: Everywhere. I wouldn’t risk going through a TSA body scan with it — it’s just not worth going to prison forever for, but I’d definitely throw it in my stowed luggage. Plus, you can kill people with the Skymall magazine on planes if you’re smart enough.

HOW: It looks like a pen. Treat it as such.

PRACTICAL APPLICATION: It’s a fake pen, that’s nigh-indestructable. It is also sharp on one end. Jam it into a neck or an eye/ear hole and repeat. I recommend faking a strike with your other hand and then coming in for a second with this bad boy. Everyone always goes for the fake, guaranteeing a successful implant of this weapon into the blood tubes of your enemies. It’s for stabbing only.


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