The hammer.

Weapons are cool. But like all wonderful things that we collect, there’s always more out there to fill the slots in the collections we envision ourselves owning.

You need a handgun, a rifle, and a shotgun. Within those 3 categories are like 4 million more categories like assault rifles, personal defense weapons, pump-action shotguns, sub-machine guns, assault rifles, machine guns, semi-auto shotguns, carbines, short-barrel rifles, long rifles, revolvers, designated marksman rifles, lever-action rifles, compact pistols, and so on forever.

And there are more categories when you narrow it down by caliber and style.

Everyone has a different ideal collection in their head. A lot of people think the more guns, the better, but I am a dissenter when it comes to that point. It’s awesome to look at a room full of guns, but that’s not very practical (to maintain, to feed, etc.). I won’t argue the point, there’s such a thing as too many guns. Every weapon needs to have a purpose, a point. A purposeful collection, in my opinion (duh, this is my blog), is more desirable than a huge one.

Guns forever.

So anyway, I have this KSG. People like to bash it because the early versions sucked, but the gen 2 and later ones are great. I’ve only heard of two accidents with the KSG, but both of them happened because the guys were pumping and shooting rapidly and unsafely, their vertical foregrips broke, and they shot their front hand to bits. I don’t run a VFG on mine — you don’t need it.

WHAT: Kel-Tec Shotgun. 26.1″ overall with 18.5″ barrel. Weighs 7 lbs. empty and 9 lbs. loaded for bear.

I have another shotgun that is pump-action (a Rem 870), but it only holds 5 (6) rounds. This Kel-Tec doodad carries 12 three-inch or 2 and 3/4-inch rounds plus 1 in the chamber. It can shoot 1¾” rounds consistently and can carry a whole mess of those. I bought it because it is short and looks really really mean. Not even 27 inches long, with an 18″ barrel, this is a small shotgun with maxi-big capacity.

I’ve shot it a lot and it makes me happy.

WHEN: Buy it, keep it.

WHERE: Trunk, passenger seat, under your bed, next to your bed, leaned against the couch. Keep it handy just in case things go bump in the night.

HOW: Feed it, push the selector over to the shells you don’t want, push the slide lock up, flip the safety, pump it, and pull the trigger. It’s a shottie with a smooth bore. If you’re shooting buckshot, just aim in the general direction. If you’re shooting slugs, aim smaller and lean into it.

PRACTICAL APPLICATION: Again, this is a smooth bore shotgun. It’ll shoot anything you feed it that’s between 1¾” and 3″. I keep my left tube full of slugs and I keep the right one full of 00 buckshot. The tube selector is above your shooting hand wrist where the rounds eject. Push it right if you want the left tube and push it left if you want the right tube. Practice loading the KSG because it is really hard at first. Each KSG is a butthead and has its own personality. If you want to put a cool muzzle brake on it for breaching, mauling someone, etc., then go ahead. I will do nothing to increase the length of my shotgun. Put sights on it. I have a green dot holographic sight (that I will upgrade to something better) on mine as well as flip-up battle sights.


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