A rock to stand on.

Firearms are like cars; they should always be built, tested, and rebuilt to be faster and more efficient. But unlike cars, guns are meant for killing people. Take your heater out to the range, try to hit some stuff, then, if you must, make it better.

These pictures are of my Jesus Piece (heater, gat, ice machine, chrome). The first picture is from the day I got her. Paid 500 bucks and waited ten days (state of Washington) to pick it up.


It was completely stock. I took it shooting and realized the Glock iron sights are okay, but not as sharp as I’d like. Plus the white markings on them are easy to lose in the shoot. So I got TruGlo night sights, $50.

Went shooting more and messed around with different barrel options. Experimented with magazine basepads and color combinations, but did no real mods for a while.

Went shooting more in the rain and realized the grip was a little too slippery. Did some research, discovered stippling. Bit the bullet and got a soldering kit then spent four hours breathing in toxic fumes. The end result is a grippier grip. Soldering kit, $20.

Things got real after stippling the grip. I went shooting in the rain some more (Washington state, what are you going to do?) and figured I should improve my gun’s innards. Got some chrome body pins and a chrome firing pin (STRIKER, for you people who call it a striker). Chrome body/firing pins, $80.

Shot the gun some more. Didn’t like the spongy/long/slow trigger and did some research. Found the fully-adjustable Phantom trigger on RYG. After some initial adjustment, the reset and pull are so crisp, so light. Felt like a brand new gun after. Phantom trigger, $100.

Pew, pew. Didn’t like the length of time it was taking to get the muzzle back on target. Did research. Found a reduced-weight recoil spring. Installed and, WOW, this bad girl has almost no recoil. A baby could shoot it. 13 lb. recoil spring, $20.

So with $270 of aftermarket stuff, I made my Glock fit me perfectly. It is quite comfortable to shoot and works like a dream. With over 5,000 rounds through, it has never jammed (except with Tula ammo). I spend another few bucks on holsters, lights, and such, but mostly I use the old MICtech trigger guard (but then I have to leave the flashlight behind).


PRACTICAL APPLICATION: Guns are way cool and you should make yours fit you. Nothing is dumber than buying something ONLY to leave it exactly like everyone else’s.


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