Throat cutter.

A knife needs to be sharp. Unless you’re quite strong or are always stabbing things in the eyes, then you’ll need your knives to be sharp.

Enter the throatcutter. That’s what one of my pals (and now me) calls these small, EDC-size, fixed-blade, super-sharp knives.

I got this at some tactical store up near Fort Lewis, Washington. It was under fifty bucks and caught my eye because of the slim sheath.

WHAT: Buck PakLite Skinner knife. Around 6 inches total length; the blade is 2⅞ inches. Weighs only 3 ounces.

WHEN: When you have a belt on.

WHERE: Keep it secret, keep it close.

HOW: The sheath has a loop to go around a belt. It’s short enough that a properly fitting t-shirt will cover most, if not all, of the sheath. It’s really easy to unbutton.

PRACTICAL APPLICATION: Use this to slash. Properly sharpened, this knife has no competition. It holds an edge really well and lasts quite a while. Be mindful when putting it back in the sheath, you’ll cut the retaining strap if you do it like a brute.


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