Condition for the mission.

Alright suckas. You’ve got all the materials, guns, tools, accessories you can carry and you’re out in the wilde survivin’ and jivin’, but you’re a lazy piece of poop and don’t ever exercise. BAM, POW. You’re dead in a couple of days because your body is a desecrated temple.


Here I am to tell you that your physical condition and mental state are more important than any tool or gear you drag with you into the woods. If you have a tool, but aren’t physically able/smart enough to decide how to use it, then you’re no better off. Physical endurance and hawk-like reflexes, more than brute strength, will prove to be more useful when it comes to survival.

If you’re not an active person, you better become one. Start cycling or running or going to the gym or a COMBO OF ALL THREE. Pick up heavy rocks and move them to other places, start doing things the hard way (take the stairs, not the elevator), and start paying attention to the crud that you eat. A high-protein, high-carb, high activity life will make you more energetic and you’ll feel amazing. Plus you won’t die as easily out in the woods. Remember, you’re just a bag of skin holding a bunch of delicate organs.

-Do cardio.
-Don’t get too fancy.
-Eat better.
-Do things the hard way (stairs instead of elevator, for example).

For more pro tips, check out literally any resource on nutrition, being active, or combat fitness.

PRACTICAL APPLICATION: A healthy body and mind will take you places you never thought you could go. They are your only permanent allies; with you until you die. Improve yourself and you can tackle any mission.


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