Not your dad’s AR15.

Most people buy a gun and then spend a bunch of money making it how they think they want it. What I always see is mindless modding and accessorizing which adds up to a clumsy, unwieldy firearm.

I shot a couple .300 AAC BLK rounds through an AR15 platform a few years ago. I liked the reduced recoil and sound. In 2014, AR-pistols became all the rage and prices started falling for component parts. I asked one of my friends if he’d build me a gun and help me pick parts. The theme of this gun is killing (like it should be with all guns) emphasizing the strengths of the platform and .300 BLK round.

So this is what it is:
-BCM upper and 10″ barrel
-Seekins Precision 9″ handguard (12″ on the way)
-Noveske KX3 PIG flash hider
-BCM mod 4 charging handle/bolt-carrier group
-Spike’s Tactical spider lower
-Odin extended magazine release
-Spike’s ergo grip
-CMC flat trigger
-Sig Sauer pistol brace
-Bushnell TRS-25 red dot
-Venom fully-adjustable canted iron sights
-Magpul MS3 sling
-Noveske K9 barricade brace
-BattleBlades tanto knife
TGJ ejection port cover with ‘kill you’ script
-red/black duracoat came by JAWS Arms

This doodad has a ~200 meter max effective range with the red dot and the flash hider (impossible to shoot at any range accurately w/o a flash reducer with a short barrel) and a consistent sight picture. Excellent for close range, this is a monster.

WHAT: AR15 pistol chambered in .300 AAC Blackout. About 6# loaded and 29″ overall with the stupid brace on with an inch of tube showing.

WHEN: Shmurdah.

WHERE: One-point slung under your armpit.

HOW: Shoot, move, and communicate.

PRACTICAL APPLICATION: Aim small, miss small. Guns are for making living things dead.


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