Dirt mansion.

4/4 (for now) on bugging out.

Alright suckas. You’ve got water, fire, cutting stuff, navigation and you’re feeling cheeky. But you’ll be dead soon because humans are soft and we need shelter to live past 40 years.

There are a few different kinds of shelter that you can build out there on Mother Nature’s booty. The easiest just require a tarp and a handy tool (like that knife we talked about). I’m going to list a few:

For winter:
Quinzhee – lay your gear on the ground, put a tarp or MASSIVE poncho over the gear, then put snow on top. Two feet of good snow is enough (experiment with different snow types – one of them is best). After the snow is piled and packed down, jam some sticks around the pile you just made, then burrow into the side and find your gear. You have to hollow out the inside of the pile to make your shelter. If you packed the snow well, it’ll hold. Hang something over the entrance and put a hole in the center of the dome.

POW: There are a TON of different techniques for burrowing in snow. These are usually really good ideas because they are amazing camouflage and offer great protection.

For fall:
Tarp wedge – Autumn Fall is windy. If you sense a generally constant wind direction you can use this joint to get some relief from it. AND IT COLLECTS WATER. Tack down two corners of your tarp/MASSIVE poncho into the wind (so help me, I will not explain that) then tie (with your Elven Rope) a line under the center of the tarp to the other side (the side you don’t have staked down) a few feet off the ground on a tree. Tack the other corners to the ground and pow. If you put some heavy crud on the tarp by the first corners you tacked down, you can create some low areas on the tarp for rain to gather in.

POW: Being out of the wind is nice. Water is nice.

For summer/spring:
Tarp anything – Summer and spring are nice, sunny, happy, wet seasons. You can make a bajillion different kinds of shelter using a tarp. Generally you’ll need less protection during these seasons compared to fall and winter (depending on where you’re at on Earth – see booty reference above). You can make a tarp burrito (make a burrito with your tarp, get inside it). You can make a tarp lean-to (this is my jam, and often a good option for quick shelter). You can make a tarp anything – just use your head and think of ways to keep your gear, fire, and body safe from the elements.

POW: Your mind is your most dangerous weapon and will make or break any would-be survivor.

Shelter tips:
-It just has to protect your fire, gear, and body.
-Don’t get too fancy.
-Camouflage your shelter.
-Utilize big rocks and rock faces when building shelter.
-Keep your shelter clean, poop and pee elsewhere.
-Don’t get attached.

For more pro tips, check out the Bible, Quran, and Torah SAS Survival Handbook. Study it, practice it, and put it in your bag.

PRACTICAL APPLICATION: There are many different kinds of shelter. Far too many to list here. They just have to keep you and your gear safe from the elements. I recommend building something temporary before you try to build something more permanent. The desert and the mountains and the rainforest are different animals altogether than moderate climates. Learn what’s good for your area and PRACTICE.


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