Stab, signal, navigate.

3/4 on bugging out.

So last time I talked about priority number 1: water. When you bug out and you figure out the water situation, the next thing you need is shelter. THAT is a whole other story, and we’ll talk about solutions for that next week. WHEN you prep your bug-out bag it’s important to include a few handy doodads that’ll greatly improve your life in the wilderness. These things are critical to your navigation and survival capabilities: a dependable knife, a source of fire, and a reliable navigation method.

You can get all these things at any respectable outfitter or outdoor store. Or Walmart, if you want to support that communist butt-douche of a company.

WHAT: SOG throwing knife (4″ blade, 10″ overall). Don’t throw it because then you won’t have it anymore. I recommend wrapping the handle. Coleman waterproof matches and fire-starter, and an Army surplus compass.

WHEN: Put these in your bug-out bag. Critical.

WHERE: A small pocket. Clipping things on the outside of the bag is a good way to lose it or get it snagged on some nature.

HOW: Ahhhh, skip to below. Read a book if you don’t know how to use any of this stuff.

PRACTICAL APPLICATION: Use knife as a multi-tool – dig, cut, chop, stab, slice, carve, and all the rest. Use the waterproof matches when the weather is weird. Use the fire starter under normal conditions with good kindling. AND finally, use the compass to find out your direction. Having a map might help……….MIGHT help to know how to read it.


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