Water = life.

2/4 on bugging out.

Water makes up 7/10 of all the crap that’s inside your body and you need it if you plan to live more than 3 days. Obviously it’s important to find water if you’re bugging out, but that isn’t enough – especially in a world of rampant pollution – you have to find clean water.

SHAZAAM, fast-forward to whenever; a Swiss company called Vestergaard (these guys are legit world-changers) came up with the first and most accessible filter-straw doodad for drinking water from anywhere.

You can get these for around twenty dollars at any major outfitter or on Amazon.

WHAT: Vestergaard LifeStraw Personal. Weighs 2 ounces and is 9 inches long and 1 in diameter. Easy to clip onto a bag or drop into a pocket.

WHEN: When you want to live more than three days and have no access to filtered water.

WHERE: Backpack.

HOW: The instructions are written on it and they’re incredibly simple anyway. Open the ends, put the big end in the water and SUCK. Boom. Clean water. Blow it out when you’re done and leave the caps open so it can dry while you survive.

PRACTICAL APPLICATION: With this one necessary tool you can drink from anywhere. weighs nothing and goes anywhere. Filters 264 gallons or 1,000 liters over its lifetime and doesn’t add any weird taste to the water.


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