1/4 on bugging out.

Bug-out bags are nerdy and whatever, but it’s probably mildly important to have one – you know, just in case – like a fire extinguisher, seatbelt, and all the rest. Having a kit bag that’s a secret is even better. At least, don’t post it on Facebook, Twitter, and Insta. I got this bag a while back at U.S. Cav for some money. It’s pretty durable and lasted through a deployment. Over the next few weeks I’ll be detailing some of the stuff I mention in this post; the things I consider to be essentials for any bag.

WHAT: Mil-Tec or Blackhawk (not sure, took off the labels when I got it) 36L molle backpack.

WHEN: When you need to bug-out (BOB), get out of Dodge (GOOD), or when you decide “I’m never coming home,” (INCH).

WHERE: On your back, dummy. Actually, no. You’ll have to figure out the best place to keep it or have a couple. In the trunk of your car or in a closet at home are the most common places.

HOW: Step 1: put it on your back. Step 2: leave.

PRACTICAL APPLICATION: These bags are meant to secure everything you would need to survive outdoors or in the wildy. If you are lazy, there are some ready-made bug-out bags ones out there, but I recommend putting your own together. You’ll know the contents better, and you get to decide what is worthwhile. These bags are meant to be your last resort. A bug-out bag has to be complete at all times. Anything you put in it must stay in it for this to work. There are a few types of bags out there for this purpose: 24/36/48/72/96-hour bags and tons of various pouch and size options too. Over the next couple weeks I’ll go over some essentials for every bag and some of the goodies I include in mine.


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