Get a grip.

Every person should have a huge, fixed-blade utility knife. When you’re out with Mother Nature and you need to do your fingernails, open a can of beans, chop up a dead animal, dig a trench, kill a boar, cut some twine, prepare a fire – and so on forever – you’ll eternally be searching for the right tool for the job UNLESS you have a Ka-Bar universal tool (and by tool, I mean knife – it’s the only one you need).

This badboy is a showstopper. One of my brothers sent it to me while I was away in Afghanistan and I’ve loved it ever since. I’ve used it for everything. It’s the only knife I use in the kitchen and the only one I use in the woods.

WHAT: Ka-Bar fighting/utility knife. 11.75 inches of death. Weighs almost a pound.

WHEN: When work needs to get done.

WHERE: They sell it with a glass/nylon/plastic magic sheath. Otherwise, man up and put it through your belt. I find that I like to just hold it in my hand. Like a sharp comfort blanket.

HOW: If you have to open, close, pry, cut, dig, bash, smash, or slash, this is your tool.

PRACTICAL APPLICATION: Pretty much all-purpose. The blade is tough and can take a real beating. Holds an edge pretty well – not that it needs one. Pointy end toward the enemy.


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