The debate.

Since bros first started carrying sticks for protection (and to bash wildlife to death) all the way until now, the debate has raged over carrying weapons openly or hiding them on their person, AND which way is superior. Since our weapons of choice today (for most people) are guns, the debate continues in it’s newest version.

Pros of open-carry:
-People know you have a gun.
-People won’t act stupid (ha).
-You get to show off your heater.
-Faster draw.

Cons of open-carry:
-People will know you have a gun.
-You’ll get a lot of stupid questions.
-Thieves can steal your gun.
-Bad dudes with guns will target you first.

Pros of concealed-carry:
-No one knows you have a gun.
-No stupid questions.
-No one can steal what they can’t see.
-You’ll look like an average person (assuming you’re an average person already).
-You can carry in places that don’t want guns inside, but don’t have signage saying so.
-Secret agent-grade holsters.

Cons of concealed-carry:
-Your draw may be marginally slower due to clothes, jackets, etcetera (practice can alleviate this).
-If you’re dumb, you might shoot your peepee off.
-Finding the right holster will take a ton of time and money.
-People will be acting just as stupidly as ever.

In my limited, but experienced, opinion there is a huge tactical advantage to concealment: THE ELEMENT OF SURPRISE. Seriously, unless you have tattoos on your face, wear a shirt with babies being fed to a dragon on it, or are 7 feet tall, then you’re going to blend in like you usually would when you carry a concealed pistol. Both are good options though. If you assess your plans before you go out, you can determine what’s best for the mission. With good practice and dedication you can get your draw time down to ridiculous times like Instructor Zero and Jerry Miculek.


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