Blind yourself.

A pistol light is kind of important. If you don’t carry a flashlight at all times, this is the way to go. They are great for illuminating targets or blinding assailants — unless they’re blind dudes.

This one cost around a hundred bucks, mounts to most heaters (with snazzy, interchangeable rail keys for guns of different manufacture), easy to operate, ergonomic (for lefties and righties), lightweight, has common batteries, waterproof to 3.2 feet for 30 minutes, and indestructible (so far).

WHAT: Streamlight TLR-1 tactical gun light with C4 LED technology (it’s HELLA bright, is what that means).

WHEN: Sparingly. It’ll sell you out in the dark.

WHERE: Find a rail.

HOW: Plan ahead when attaching this to your gun. Certain situations (like daytime) don’t call for a light and bringing the light with in those situations can be disadvantageous (weight, bulk, etcetera). However, if you’re die-hard about it, then don’t turn it on in those situations. Just be careful please.

PRACTICAL APPLICATION: Shine it in someone’s eyes to dazzle while you rob them! But really, it’s a bright-bright light. Use it to find stuff or to illuminate your path. BUT know that if you can see the light, your enemy can too, probably.


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