Bleed out.

It’s not the gun or the size of the gun that matters. It’s the round you pick. And for me, I want a round that’s going to grievously injure whoever I’m shooting at and be accurate enough to do so. I need a hollow-point because I don’t want to over-penetrate.

The key when shopping for a hollow-point round is finding one that expands reliably in a human-consistency target AND is accurate. In my personal experience, the Hydra-Shok and the Critical Duty are the most dependable through gel and clothes – not to mention I bought a bajillion Hydra-Shoks a while back, so we’re stuck together.

WHAT: Federal Premium Hydra-Shok 124 gr. jacketed hollow-point in 9mm Luger.

WHEN: Short-range stuff/when you want things to die.

WHERE: Rounds go in magazines, then in the bad guy.

HOW: Pull the trigger bruh, front towards enemy.

PRACTICAL APPLICATION: Better practice lots with these. They aren’t the most accurate round (hollow-point is why). These are going to expand really fast when they hit something. And if it’s a human something, their wound channel is going to be wide, complex, and shallow. Nothing is going to blast out of the back and they’re going to bleed to death pretty quick like.


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