The necessity of paperweights.

A thousand years ago you could get away with killing everyone who hassled you while out and about. But today that is not the case. In a world where you can get arrested and become a felon for throwing ice cream at someone, it’s best to use appropriate force in all situations. So instead of shooting people and getting thrown in jail; carry and maintain an array of weapons.

Brass knuckles, though illegal in most civilized places, are a great force multiplier. I got this paperweight on the internet because of its honeycomb design. It doesn’t look like what it is and it can easily be passed off as a climbing accessory or something.

WHAT: TKM Hex Tool. Made of some light (seriously, it’ll surprise you how light) alloy, the magic shape retains the strength that heavier knucks have inherently, and it’s Cerakoted to look pretty.

WHEN: Every day carry.

WHERE: Back pocket, jacket pocket, hip pocket. In a pocket.

HOW: Drop it in a pocket or clip it onto a backpack. Pretty much anyway you grab it, as long as metal is in front of your fingers, will get the job done.

PRACTICAL APPLICATION: This paperweight is a buff for your punches. It’ll turn your soft, doughy baby fist into a hammer of the gods. Aim for the face or someplace boney. Yeah, it’ll hurt your hand, but it’ll hurt your target more.

***WARNING: yo, Molotov of TKM is a backward, racist who hates gays – so probably don’t support him by buying this tool.***


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