Inside-out purse.

Most people who want to stay alive don’t own battle armor. Even less have a plate carrier to carry said armor. It might not seem practical, but once you put on a vest, you’ll likely change your mind.

I got this Condor (brand) Sentry Plate Carrier from AR500 Armor’s website. It came with my choice of plates and an assortment of pouches/accessories for less than 400 bucks (Cheap? Yeah. CheapNo; see below)

WHAT: Condor Sentry Plate Carrier. Weighs 2 pounds empty, has a drag strap, comes off/goes on quickly, lowest profile plate carrier that holds full-sized plates.

WHEN: Range day/bug-out day.

WHERE: Over a t-shirt/sweatshirt, or slick (no accessories on) under a hoodie.

HOW: Leave one of the sides open, put it on. Close the side, adjust. Take it off, adjust the shoulders. Boom, done. The plates have straps to move them up and down, but since the vest is meant to barely hold full-size plates, they don’t bounce or travel. Once it’s adjusted, tape up the excess straps and roll out. Molle front and back, no sides.

PRACTICAL APPLICATION: It holds plates that will keep you from being penetrated by multiple gunshots to the chest/back. Figure it out. Ususally, 400 bucks is too cheap for a good plate carrier AND good plates, but I took the advice of a friend and bought this AR500 joint. Condor quality is great, and the plates are nearly indestructible.

Next week: the plates.


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