A backup for your backup.

Once again, you should probably always have a knife with you, no matter how small. A little secret sting will come in handy so much. Whether you have to fight off strike ninjas or cut some string – ALWAYS HANDY.

Got this on the internet after reading some good reviews. Was skeptical because 22 bucks is super-cheap and you usually get what you pay for. BUT, it turned out excellent and reliable and holds an edge pretty well. If I’m alive and not at home, chances are this tiny baby is hanging around my neck.

WHAT: CRKT Folts Design Keramin (mini karambit) neck knife from GPknives.com.

WHEN: All the time.

WHERE: Around your neck. This should be one of your 2 Chainz.

HOW: Put it on your neck, used the adjusty-thing to adjust it. It should sit right between your nipples with the handle hanging a little bit down. Wear it higher if you have a gut, lower if you’re majestic and thin.

PRACTICAL APPLICATION: Stab or slash, aim for the soft bits and the arterial areas. Easy to conceal if you’re wearing a shirt. Great for bike riding and pretty much every other activity. Don’t wear this if you’re dancing as it’ll pop out of your shirt and make you seem paranoid and weird. Takes only a few minutes to sharpen to a good edge and will hold it pretty well. Get one for your mom, dad, cat, neighbors, aunt. So cheap, so worthwhile.


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