.300 BLK too big.

.300 AAC Blackout, officially shortened to .300 BLK, is Advanced Armament Corp’s wonderful, perfect baby. It was designed to be quieter, harder-hitting, and more sexual than the 5.56 NATO. While using the same magazines, it had to be fired from the 5.56 AR-15 platform with just a barrel change.

And, they did it.

WHAT: .300 AAC Blackout (pictured are Barnes Tac-TX rounds on/in a 10-round PMAG). 7.62×35.

WHEN: Whenever you’re ready.

WHERE: Wherever you want things to die or get hit by a heavy bullet.

HOW: Spend a few bucks, get a new barrel and enjoy this magical bullet. As long as you’re not trying to snipe, this round will make you happy. Plus, it’s pretty dang quiet when suppressed.

PRACTICAL APPLICATION: This bullet is a hammer. With less recoil than 5.56/.223 and less noise, you’ll be smashing hog-skulls and making steal sing in no time. Standby for reviews on different types of .300 BLK. I have subsonic, supersonic, and hollowpoint ammo waiting to be fired off.


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