Daily stabber.

Though it doesn’t always seem like it, the world is a wild place. It’s important to have a small and easy-to-access knife on you everywhere you go.

I picked this bad boy up at a gun show for like five-hundred cents. It’ll get through airport scanning, though I wouldn’t try that these days. It’s got a little pen clip as well. I stippled the handle on mine in a dot pattern so it sticks to fabric and is really easy to get ahold of.

WHAT: Hard plastic knife. 5.5 inches total length (a little longer than a Galaxy S5). Weighs just a few ounces.

WHEN: Daily.

WHERE: Beltline or in a sweatshirt pocket.

HOW: Use the clip to put it inside your pants/shorts, just jam it in the belt-line or just put it in a sweatshirt pocket for easy access. Be mindful of the point and orient it in a safe direction for whatever carry you’re planning.

PRACTICAL APPLICATION: Use this thing only to stab. Slashing with a plastic/carbon fiber knives is worthless as the edges are difficult to sharpen and don’t hold an edge for any real length of time. The benefit of carbon fiber/plastic knives is that they are light, easy to conceal, can make it through most scanning and, because of their light weight, are handier than their metal brothers.


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