To be tactical.

To be tactical doesn’t mean that you have cool patches, nerdy shirts and extra-hooah stickers on your truck. It also does not require that you have shiny Agency and SAI Glocks, every new piece of gear that comes out, and an Instagram full of timed reloads performed in a sterile environment.

In my own words, what it means is that you are constantly evaluating your environment and taking action accordingly to preserve your well-being. It’s a way to ensure your own success and come out on top, no matter the situation.

Here’s the Merriam-Webster definition:

tactical def
I think the 2b definition hits the vernacular usage well: adroit in planning or maneuvering to accomplish a purpose.

If that definition makes you mad, think about it for a while. It has nothing to do with consumerism, trendiness, or refugee news.

That being said, this blog is about guns, gear, and mindset. I write this because it’s fun and my friends enjoy it, but also because there’s a sickness in the tactical community. It’s called ‘tacticool’ and it’s a cancer that has moved the focus of the community from logical, results-based focus, to some weird superficial crap.

Being tactical is about being logical and objective. I strive to always retain the element of surprise and, wearing skinny jeans (or shorts) most days — because I’m a tall and thin mofo, I’ve had to adapt my concealed carry to a very unorthodox style. I carry weapons every day everywhere, and I guarantee 9.5 people out of 10 don’t even realize it.

Every time I go to a new gun range or gun store, the people are quick to judge and look down their nose at me because I don’t have the tacticool gear and stuff. They always laugh until they see my guns, see me shoot, and actually talk to me about the logic of my setups and applications.

Anyway, enjoy the blog, be logical, and join me in pissing off the tacticool-nerd-establishment that is poisoning our community.


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